Thursday, June 14, 2012

June Hearts

We have a wonderful library system here in Hamilton! Each month I like to see what new books have been added, lucky for me I noticed this one right away and put it on hold. Creative Quilts from your Crayon Box I had so much fun with this tecnhique that i made these mixed media art quilts from my Balanced Heart Project friends. Word.....Fabric crayons work better than regular crayons and oil pastels work great~! And surpriseingly after i melted the crayons I took my black Faber Castell fine line marker and wrote the word "BRAVE" and the fineiner did not clog up. Amazing considering it wrote over crayons. (I also tried my Copic, my prisma, my uniball and they all wrote perfectly.) This project was really outside my artistic zone. I think it would be awesomely cool to do a whole quilt with these hearts, a crazy heart quilt. I have so many fun ideas for this melted crayon techique. And here is picture of all the hearts that the other artists created for me, for the month of May Aren't they gorgeous! Imagine after 6 months how wonderful they are will look. L. ANg

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  1. Hi ANg. I love the crayons on fabric. Think I'll have a go at that! I can't access the book at my local library so may have to add it to my Christmas list and in the meantime experiment! I read a little about your blog, very moving. Crafting helps me to heal, though my heart has broken in a different way to yours, I think so many people are healing a broken heart. Love to you all. Suz xxx