Tuesday, May 22, 2012

ANg, Cathy here. This is one of my hearts to you for May. You talk about healing, I think this project is a good example of an interesting way to bring it on. You've reached out for help and we showed up. I find that I am thinking of motherhood and loss and your sweet babe, as I wonder what to create, as I do create, all along the way. My hope is that as we all do this with you for these number of months, that our energy will somehow swirl out there with yours and maybe water down the pain, and add in some relief space acceptance love, and whatever you personally are hoping for. From miles and miles away I send you love.


  1. CAT how gorgeous, a swirling never ending heart of love. This project is going to be such a healing experience! Not just for me, as i know its going to reach others in the world.
    thank you my friend for being a part of this wonderful collaboration!

  2. I love the saturated colours you use, Cathy! Rich and intense, perfect for use with the pain and healing of the heart