Monday, May 14, 2012

The Heart of the Matter by Els

As you may or may not know, I am currently in the process of moving from one town to another. This is a process in which I have participated approximately 50 times in my life so far, and I'd really like to stop soon, please.

Trying to find the soul of the Balanced HeART within me whilst moving has been interesting.  Because I don't have the time to sit and stew, I have had to set my inner Art Department the task of discovering what I had to say as well as a method of saying it, and then just get on with my daily chores.  For awhile I thought nothing would emerge, so I came up with a backup plan or two.  Then, while sorting and packing, I opened a drawer and found two beautiful little 4x4 masonite boards, and I knew the direction I needed to go...

What emerged, as frequently seems to be the case, was interesting, then turned into a dreary muddle, but finally some of what was in my heart and head began to appear.

Only Time Will Mend the Wounded Heart
4x4" masonite, watercolour and acrylic
The first piece is titled 'Only Time Will Mend the Wounded Heart,' and shows the endless clock ticking away the painful hours of healing a torn and bleeding heart.  Because I so admire the intense honesty of her self portrait work, I am very pleased to say that it brings Frida Kahlo's art to mind, though that wasn't my intent at all, nor am I comparing myself to her.
The Heart is as Delicate as Lace,
and Precious as the Purest Gold

4x4" masonite, waxed tissue and acryli

The second square is titled 'The Heart is as Delicate as Lace, and Precious as the Purest Gold.' Using a waxed tissue heart and a delicate impression of lace as the centerpiece, this piece depicts the sheer delicacy of the heart of an unborn child, surrounded and protected by a field of the purest gold that represents Unconditional Love.


  1. So beautiful ELs, thank you for sharing this with the world I love the honesty of starting this project and trying to find the soul of it at the same time.

  2. Beautiful, both the art and the thoughts.