Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May 22, 2012

A couple weeks ago its was Mothers Day. The little blue forget me nots were in full bloom. My heart was ok. I made hearts for this project. Its interesting living with a broken heart, its interesting when you can actually feel the healing. Please don't get me wrong I miss Andrew alot. I now know healing does not mean forgeting and healing does not mean that everyday will be perfect. It just means I have more interest in living, loving and believing in the power of a healing heart and i know that grief,joy,and healing can all be honoured at the same time.

Hearts for Els,Anita,Cath and Meran. My heart friends.



  1. These are wonderful, ANg. I love your statement that grief, joy and healing can be honored at the same time, so very true and not all can see it.

    1. Helen thank you so much for stopping by! Yes its a hard lesson to learn but once we allow it all to happen at the same time, we allow ourselves the chance to laugh again, and to feel the sorrow, miracles happen